Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Laughing and smiling, dancing and playing,
Home is a place I will always be staying.
Home is a place where I feel what I feel,
Home is a place where there’s always a meal.
Home is where I know I belong,
Home is where I will always be strong.
Home is where you’re near your friends,
A beautiful friendship that never ends.
Whether it’s small or can’t fit much stuff,
Where there is love it will be enough.
I’m not expecting a big huge castle,
all I want is love, without a hassle.
If I’m feeling mad, or sad or bad,
Home is where I will always be glad.
Even if its poor and there is barely a door
If my family is present, there’s no more I could ask for.
When I’m feeling sad as could be
My mom’s always there to comfort me.
Everyone else deserves tons of love,
There is no one anyone should dispose of.
Everybody should have a loving home,
There is nobody in the world that should ever
Whether I win this prize or not
At least I know I’ve helped a lot.