Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Do you know what the meaning of home is? Well I know and you need a few things to make a house a home. Like: furniture, safety, and family.

The first thing that makes a house a home is family. My mom, dad, sisters, and my brother are the family I live with in my home. They bring life to my home because if they were not there it would feel lonely. Sometimes my family can make me angry and get me annoyed but it is nice to have them because they can comfort you, and you can tell them what is wrong and they can help you. Family is one of the things that you need if you want a home.

The second thing that makes a house a home is safety. Being safe and feeling safe will make your house a home. When being safe and feeling safe you will be calm and happy instead of worried and sad. You will know that you are safe and no one is out to hurt you and your family. Being safe and feeling safe is important, especially in a home.

The third thing that makes a house a home is furniture. Couches and beds are some of the furniture that makes a home more comfortable.The living room is where you spend most of your time talking and hanging out with family and friends. In your bedroom, you sleep, and you want a good night’s sleep, so if you want a house to become your home, you will need furniture.

You need furniture to make your home comfortable. You need your home to be safe, so it is welcoming, and family to make your home loving and not lonely. These are some of the things that turn a house into a home!