Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

What makes a house a home? For me, to make a house a home, you need furniture, memories, and family.

The first thing you need to make a house a home is furniture. There are all kinds of furniture, like living room and bedroom.The furniture in your room (like your bed and dresser), you need to make your own room feel comfortable. Designing with furniture is very hard to do because you have to match it all together. The reason you design your house is to make it look and feel nice all the time. With all the designing and furniture in your house, you can make your house feel like home.

The second thing you need to make a house a home is memories. It’s a good thing to have happy memories because sometimes they can be funny and you can have a good laugh with your family and friends. A good thing about sad memories is to remember family and friends close to you, including pets, if you live far or don’t see them. A good way to make memories is with family members and friends. Any type of memory is a good memory!

The third thing you need to make a house a home is family. You have family to make you happy when you are sad. Your family will always make sure you are happy. Your family will always keep you safe and protect you from anything in the world. Your family will always make you laugh and feel loved. When you are sick, hurt, or sad they will always make you feel cared for in any way possible.

If you have furniture, memories, and family, you can make a house a home. Home is a safe place to be.