Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

My house is the place I will never forget
The place I rest
My personal nest
It’s where I come after A hard day
And it comforts me in a way
My home is what keeps me warm
In the coldest nights
I don’t know what I would do without my home
My home is where I am never alone
If I didn’t have a home I would be so cold
I wouldn’t be able to rest comfortably
I wouldn’t have personal stuff
I love having a home to call my own
When I walk in the door all the love and happiness washes over me
If I didn’t have a home I wouldn’t have a dog
My home is the safest place I can be
In my home I am safe
I am loved
I am happy
I am comforted
I am lucky to have a home
I want everyone to have a home like I do
My home Is where I will never truly leave
That is why everyone should have a home
So please help me with this goal and I will help you