Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is where my Mom, Dad, Sister and Dog live. Home is when I walk into my room and listen to my radio. When I walk into my home my parents and dog always have a smile on their faces. When it’s time to go to bed my mom and dad say I love you. I wake up to a nice bed and a good breakfast. I get dressed and go see if my friend can play!

When I’m outside, it’s freezing cold. I’m only outside for 20 seconds. I could never imagine not having a home to call my own. A box or a sleeping bag wouldn’t be able to stand up to the cold frosty air. Not having a home would be soul crushing.

I wake up to a bed, not a bench or a rock floor! But some people do. I take my home for granted sometimes. I feel so, so bad for people experiencing homelessness.

I met a man who experienced homelessness. He was homeless for two years. He told me that some people were mean to him but when he found The Mustard Seed, they changed his life!

Home is not just your home, it’s your heart!