Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
It’s a place to feel security.
It isn’t a thing or just a place
It’s a place to see a friendly face.
It’s a place for living, laughter and love
Home is a place where you can laugh and love
Play and dance,
Hug and not shove
You can also do your happy stance.

In your mind are memories of family
A warm and safe place to be,
Loving and laughing with glee
A place where your mom can drink tea.

A home is a place where dreams come true
A home is a special place,
Sometimes it turns into a ZOO
And you learn to tie your shoe lace.

A home is a place where you can get cozy
Loving family all around,
Sometimes cheeks will get rosy
Never lost but always found.

A home is where you can feel up and down
Where pets come running to always greet,
You will find a smile and never frown
A home is a place that just can’t be beat!