Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

To me a home is not just a roof with four walls. It is the best place to make memories. You can also spend time with your family. It is also a place where you can always be safe.

I think a home is a place to make memories. Making memories is really important for a home because that is where you are always together. Pictures are always a great way to remember things by, like trips how much we have grown. Furniture is something to remember stuff with because you spend so much time on it and you spend time with family on it like watching movies and on christmas mornings. That is why I think that it is so important to make memories for a home.

Family is definitely number one thing for a home. I have an older brother. We fight a lot but whenever we are getting along it is in the house watching T.V. or playing video games. My mom and my dad are amazing. They are always there for everything. They are awesome parents. I feel like pets are a part of the family and help to turn just a building into a home. They are amazing and lots of them are friendly and if you are sad they can cheer you up. That is how a family can make an awesome home.

You don’t need expensive stuff to make a nice home. I like more sentimental stuff. My home to me is sentimental. It is the only place that I have ever lived, it is special to me. Some of my stuff has sentimental value to me, like some of my sports medals. Stuff that is especially important to me, is stuff from my parents. Sentimental stuff is really what makes my house and my room my own.

That’s why I think that some of the stuff that I listed can turn a skeleton, a roof with four walls into a home.