Grade 5


The meaning of home

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home means many things
And many people don’t have these things,
When I see people sleeping on the streets of the city
My heart just fills up with pity,
Life is like a puzzle but without home pieces are missing, my home is always filled with family hugging and kissing,
When I’m at home and have everyone near, I think about people who live everyday with fear,
People who sleep on the streets of Toronto, not knowing where they will be sleeping tomorrow,
Home should be a happy place where people will love you no matter what race,
Home should be filled with joy and laughter, a place where I really matter,
Home should be a place that brings people together, where people of all sorts love one another,
Home can be with either Mum or Dad or Aunt or Uncle or Grandma or Grandpa,
But most importantly, home isn’t a place, it’s when you’re with friends and family,
The point I am making is there is more than one meaning of home, which is why I wrote this poem.