Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

“The Meaning Of Home”
Hello everybody, do you know what home means to you? Well I certainly know what it means to me. So let me tell you what it means to me. Home means love you love everyone even when you disagree. In my home I feel safe. Because I am under a roof and have a nice and cozy bed to sleep in. Home also means family. I love all my family members. My dad, My mom, and my brother. When I had to leave my old house I didn’t want to because we had a lot of memories there. But we’re making new memories at this house. At my house we make jokes and jokes lead to laughter. My house is a fun house. But I still have to do chores in my house. My house is in Canada, Canada is my home. My room is a special part of my house because I sleep in it. It is also a special part of my house because I do arts and crafts in it and a lot of fun activities in my room. I also like the living room because I can relax. I also have lots of space in my house. Which is good to have. Also I like where my house is located. I can see a great view from my window in my room. Thank you for listening to what I think home means.