Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

My home is so wonderful.
My home is so colourful.

One way my home is so fantastic is because of the love,
My family has a huge part of my life and heart.
My home is filled with all kinds of emotions,
Perhaps goofy, sadness, joy and anger.

At my home I have a movie room/hang out room,
I like watching movies down there in the dark, but my dog barks the fun out of it.

Me and my sisters/brother fight and maybe sometimes get hurt,
But we all have our good memories and our bad ones.
I’m so grateful to have a safe home,
Some people don’t have a home, that’s what meaning of home is doing for them.

Meaning of home helps people that don’t have a home,
They’re helping others a lot since every entry gives $10 to a new home!