Grade 5


The meaning of home

The meaning of home

Home will never mean the same thing to any person.
To me home means a place with people who love me, related or not. A place where I feel safe, not with people threatening or hurting me. Home is a place where you are kind to the people around you, not rude and mean. Where people are supporting you no matter what you do, helping you if you need it and love you no matter what.
Home is my favorite place to be, I am always grateful for the life that I have.

Not everyone has the life that you do, to them home might mean a place that is unsafe, a place that is not real, or a place that doesn’t give you food and clean water. It makes me so sad to think that kids don’t have people that love them or that adults are struggling to find a home, if I am successful in life I want to do foster care because knowing that kids need people to love them, and that I can do something about it makes me want to do it so much more.I want to win this competition because I want to make a difference in this world and all the money to a habitat home is a great start.