Grade 5


The meaning of home

Home means something different to everyone, to me home means a lot of different things.Some of them are a place where I feel safe physically and emotionally, a place where I am loved and cared for and people don’t act like I’m not there.
Also a place where I matter and get to make decisions for myself, and also a place where I have friends and family.
A place where it is clean, a healthy place and environment. A place where I have food and I’m not starving. A place where I’m warm and cozy. A place where there is privacy.
A place where we help and support each other, and most of all a place where everyone feels happy.
Most of the things listed, lots of people including me take for granted.

Home means something different to everyone, for example what home means to a rich person and what home means to a poor person would be really different from each other.
This is what home means to me.