Grade 5


The meaning of home

The meaning of home
My meaning of home can be anywhere or anything but my meaning of home is, were I can feel safe do embarrassing things like cry fall and play . Another meaning of home is being able to feel loved by whoever you live with it could be a foster family, parents, grandparents, mom, dad, aunt/uncle and cousins. I live with my parents and sister I love them to the moon and back.

Home can be anywhere on the streets, a house, shed, garage, rental house, car and hotel/motel. I live in a normal sized house nothing special, it’s just a roof over your head, so does it matter if you have the smallest house ever or the biggest house ever.
I used to live in a really big house but me and my family moved a few weeks ago Jan 10 2020.

It’s so hard moving from a house you really like to a new house. Another meaning of home is you have to feel comfortable, you have to be able to like your home not to feel stressed.To be able to live in a car or a house rental house or apartment is still having somewhere to go after work or school is a home.