Grade 5


The meaning of home

What home means to me
Home means different things to different people, for example my version of home might be different then my friend Ella’s. What home means to me first of all is a place where I feel safe and loved by the people around me. Another thing that home means to me is where I am warm, healthy, and fed. I also think that home should be a safe place physically, for example the windows aren’t broken, the roof isn’t caving in and people aren’t screaming at you for spilling a cup of milk. Home is also where I start and end my day. Something that makes me sad is thinking about the fact that there are so many people who can’t go home because they don’t have one or its not safe for them. I am super grateful that my home is safe and my mom, dad, my little brother Jacob, and all my friends and distant relatives care about me. Without them nowhere would feel like home. Home also is a place where you are aloud to be you. Race, sexuality, and other things that people obsess over are accepted at home. I wish everyone had a safe home where they were accepted.

For people who are abused physically or mentally, they may never want to go home. People who don’t have a place to call home tend to do things like walk along sidewalks with a sign. When I see homeless people my heart drops. I’m glad places are starting to help people in situations like the ones I have stated. Home to those people may mean they have a small slice of bread even.