Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

To me a home is a place filled with friends and family,
And a house isn’t a home without their affection.
A home is a place to feel joy and be loved,
Not a place to be hurt, ignored, or be shoved.

In my yard I can find a hot tub,
A great place to relax with my family and get caught up.
After a soak we like to jump in the snow because it is so much fun,
but when you get back in the tub it really stung!

My dog always gives us so much love,
I can’t Imagine what my home would be like without his happiness.
I feel like a home is something everyone should have,
Family, friends, and pets is something that makes me so glad.

If everyone had a home – that would be so nice,
A place to sit down with company and enjoy one another.
The meaning of home is for those who don’t have one,
I am writing a poem to raise money that now is sadly done.