Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is something that has family and people that you love in it. And a house is something that is like a thing or a box that you love.

The home you have some people you love and you will have lots of love. Some people think home is just like a house for people to live in. But it is not. Home is something people want to have with family. If a home doesn’t have family in it is just a big box that you live in. And home is something that you belong to. Because that is where you really want to go. And home if you don’t have a house it is ok. If you don’t have a house you could have a home with people you love. And people have a different meaning of home. For me, the home meaning is about family, not the house. Maybe other people think home is like there are people in when they wake up there are people there.

Home is something that you think is safe and loves with it. And the house is not. And home is security in a home you have someone to take care of and love. Like when you finished working outside when you go home there are people that could ask you are you ok? Thing like that. But in the house, there is no one except furniture and space. And home could be a thing that you could remember for your whole rentier life. And that is because there is something that you care about and the thing you really need. Just like your family.

If you really want to have a home but you don’t you get think about your family and you could go to their house and visit. And home means a really big thing. And that is because of family and things that you love and you need.