Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is safety, love, memories, comfort and happiness. these are things are quite important for a home in my opinion.

Safety is something that can be physical and mental and it can make you feel good that you can’t be hurt mentaly and physically.

Love is probably the best feeling ever, why because if your loved you feel nice and calm and pretty good about yourself and knowing your mom and dad loves you can just make your day.

Being happy is like having all your worries in your life being eliminated and your mind is relaxed almost like your on vacation in Hawaii just watching the water swiftly moving back and forward sometimes your so happy you jump around or sometimes your so happy you cry with tears of joy.

Comfort can come from many things like from sitting on a nice sofa or taking a nap on your bed but that’s physical comfort what about mental comfort? Well, mental comfort can come from many things like spending time with your family like eating dinner with them or smelling the nice food you mom has made.

And lastly memories, memories are something very important for a home and without it you would not be who you are today in terms of personality. Like memories of hurting yourself or playing games or maybe going to parks, my favorite memory is probably the time when I tried to jump off a swing in the park while the swing was moving but then I messed up and got hurt.

A home doesn’t need to be physical. it can also be just as good as a mental home but a physical home is quite good in some ways just like a mental home can be. Without both of these it can be quite hard.

So basically being happy, loving, safe and having memories are very powerful together and can make a very good home.