Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

A house is an empty, boring place although you can change that by using family, art, and some memories. Home is beautiful but you are the one that can make it beautiful .

Home is a place where I feel safe . happy because nothing can take you out of your comfort zone. It can be mad as well but mostly, your happy place memories and good times are what you need to think about . pets are the best thing to have! They make me happy and they probably will make you happy .

Family also makes up a beautiful piece of your home. When you bye your house you feel weird but once you have had it for a long time , you memorize it as a memory and capsher it inside your head so that you always remember it ! Pets try to keep you happy .they’re one of the best memories, as well as spending time with your parents and family. I love my family and I know they love me too. Pets are so lovable because they try and make you give them attention and they are just cute, funny and amazing !

The Furniture is beautiful, it keeps you warm and it is soft and comfy and the bed is the best ! My bed is so comfy ! My house is so much to me because it has family furniture, pets and memories .I love my home except i can’t have pets because the owner won’t let us, But that’s ok because i have 5 at my dad’s house and i love them so much! Their names are spaz , oden , mochee. Those are cats and the dogs are loki and desale . I love my house. It is just filled with love and nice things !

Home to me is a piece of artwork .