Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home, a wonderful place
Home,more than just space.
Home, there’s so much to see,
Home is where there’s family.

Home is more than just four walls,
Home is more than a couple halls.
Home is where I laugh and play,
Inside on a rainy day.

Home is where I learn new things,
Like walking, talking and learning to sing.
Home is like my favorite toy,
Without it I have no more joy.

Not everyone is as lucky to say,
That they have a home where they can stay
Please don’t say that your home sucks,
Because someone would be happy to take it from us

Sometimes your home can be big like a bear,
Or sometimes it can be small like a chair.But there is still something I want you to know,
That this is not just a house, it is your home.
Home is what I cherish most,
It is located on the east coast.
I can’t Imagine life without home,
That’s why I’m writing this poem.

Home is where my life begins,
That is where I’ve always lived.
I’ve gone through my ups and downs,
But at the end of the day, I’m always proud.