Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

To turn a roof and four walls into a safe and loving house you need to have your family. My mom’s cooking and my brother’s bad jokes makes me feel at home.

My mother helps me feel at home because she is good at cooking, cleaning and helping me. She cooks really well and she is busy. If she didn’t cook we might die because my brother and I don’t like Canadian food, because we think it tastes really bad. She is really good at making tea. She is really good at cleaning and she can clean the whole house in one hour. My mom helps me with everything. Once I was having a problem with math and she helped me with it. If my mother was not in the home we could not live.

Another person who makes me feel at home is my brother. My brother makes jokes, likes to laugh and is helpful. My brother mostly makes bad jokes and sometimes he makes good jokes. He laughs at his bad jokes even when no one else is laughing. He helps people use computers and phones. He can download things to help people. He mostly helps our mom and our grandparents. Home is good with my brother in it.

Now you know why my mother and brother make my house feel like home.