Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

What is home?
Home is something very special to me. Home is more than just the place I live, it’s a comfortable place where I feel happy and content. Home is where I always have a place in this world to belong. Home is my own space, to do whatever I please. I really love my home. I will tell you some of the reasons why and what makes it so exceptional to me.

First, my loving family is a main reason that I think my home is special to me. I will always be able to spend time with my family at home. A main reason that I love my home is because that is where my family is kind to me. I always feel happy and safe around them at home. My home where I experience forgiveness. When I make mistakes at home, my family is always there to give me another chance and encourage me. My home is where my family understands me. They know when I’m feeling anything other than happy, and they try as hard as they can to make me feel better. They make our home bright, happy, and pleasant. My home is where my family life happens and is why it is very important to me.

The second reason my home is special is the memories I have built there. I love my home so much because of all the wonderful memories my house has given me. Some of my favourite memories involve visits from family members. One example is when my cousin Martin and my grandparents came to stay for the summer, we all had so much fun! Another memory involves me on my sixth birthday when my dad surprised me with a bright red shiny new bike! I can still remember the morning sun glistening onto the bike as I stood in awe. My fondest memories involved our family hosting a big New Years party for all of our friends. I can still remember walking out of my room, oblivious to what was happening, and then having all my friends and family surprising me and welcoming me into the middle of the party. These are some of the reasons I love my house so much; the memories shared with loved ones, housed in this place called home.

The third reason my home is special is the feeling it brings me. I love my home and how I feel when I’m in my home. In my home I feel happy; I feel safe, I feel that nothing really bad can happen there. The reason why I feel this way is because of all the wonderful times I have had in my house. When I was little, I was playing outside and heard thunder for the first time, which really scared me. I still remember my mom and dad hugging me, telling me I was safe, as I stared out the window at the storm raging outside. That really gave me trust and security in my home, and made me feel happy and safe. I love my home because of the wonderful memories I have, my wonderful family, and how happy I feel there.

What does home mean to me? It equals a wonderful place where my amazing memories and feelings were made, as well as the place I live with my family. It is a place of happiness and fun, it is where I feel safe, and cheerful. It is a place where I feel loved and admired. It is a place of strength, that can withstand any bad weather, or disaster. It is what I call home. This is what home means to me: loving family, wonderful memories and secure feelings.