Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me

While the meaning of a house is a place where people buy and is made out of wood and bricks on concrete, the meaning of a home is nothing like that. The house is a base for your home and without it you can’t have a home. But the meaning of a home is a place for family and is built out of love and memories, holidays and loved ones. All built on family. Houses are just well uhm… houses but a home is flooded with a lot of important stuff. But mainly family, holidays and memories.

One meaning the most important is family. Your mom and your dad, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and the cousins too. They are all part of this important part of the home because they are your family. If you went up to an adult living with nobody or some rude roommate and you asked them “what does home mean to you?” they wouldn’t say “family”. Without a family you live with you cant truly call it a home, it’s your home yes but then it’s only yours. No family holidays. No family moments. No family movie nights. Just no family. )=

Than there’s holidays. Uber cool gifts on christmas and pillowcases full of sugar-stuffed sweets on Halloween and who could forget their birthday. Everyone’s birthday is different but guess which one matters the most. Yours of course, right? Wrong. Christmas is a gathering of family. Halloween is for friends trick or treating, trading goodies. At a certain age house eggin. All with friends and family. And your birthday is a celebration about you where friends and family come together from near and far for you. Do the same to them. birthdays don’t mean you take advantage. Do your chores kids. Don’t be like me. Please

Ok now good ol memories. That time your uncle john broke the trampoline by trying to breakdance on it. Or what about when mom attempted a lobster soup recipe but couldn’t cook it alive and cried while you went to a beach with dad to release him. Both are good examples of memories that somebody might have. Sad or mad, running to dads new car with joy. Or away from a roller coaster with fear. Memories must be held tight no matter what. They can be funny or serious and are almost always with family or friends. Once i got a hoverboard for my birthday. I tried it last to see how it works and everybody fell off. I looked like a professional on that dang thing. Also a very good, Funny memory.