Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home means to me a big survival shelter because when a disaster comes, our home will protect us and do it’s best, as it can. The living room is a place of comfort and fun for my family. The front door is the entrance where we can enter our home. The kitchen and dining room is where the food my parents make comes from; I can describe it as always delicious and neat. The bathroom is where we clean ourselves. The laundry room is the place where clothes are being cleaned with two machines. My room is the most comfortable room I use. The desk, the lamp, the closet, the window, you name it! Especially my bed, the furniture where I sleep and I where I used to jump up and down on it. It is also the place where I study and do online classes. A home is a place of you and your family. It produces joy and memories before a house.