Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

“Home”. The word “Home” has so much meaning. Maybe when you hear the word “home” it means a place where you eat, sleep and live. Maybe home means a comfortable place where you can talk about anything. My home makes me feel loved by my family, free and safe.

My family is a huge part of my home. For example, my whole family lives in mexico. My parents were born and raised there and sometimes I miss my family, but when I’m in Mexico, I feel home because I’m surrounded by people who love me. My parents could have found it hard at first since they have been living in Mexico their whole life. It was their home to them.

I also feel so free in my house . When I’m home, rather my house or in nature or anywhere I feel so free like I’m not being controlled or stressed and i can actually relax. I sometimes carry around a weight on my shoulders but when i’m home, poof, the weight is suddenly gone. I feel free and released from the weight.

Safe. Now this is a big one for me. I have to be safe at home and I really do feel safe in my home because I have people who can protect me. I also know that Canada is a very secure place so yes, I do consider Canada my Home. I feel safe and grateful because I know other people don’t have it as good as me.

In conclusion, A home does not need to be where you eat, sleep or live. home can be anything. It can be school, a gym, a restaurant , or nature. Anything. You can choose what your home is but in my home, I am valued and I feel like I matter.