Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

A home is where you’ve made lots of memories, good ones. A home is where when you’re down it brings you back up again. Home, is not necessarily a house, it’s where you’re happy where you can be yourself, and not worry about being judged.

It’s where you belong, and where you’re meant to be. It’s where you love to go, a place where you can feel free and loved. It’s not a house, it’s YOUR space. It’s where you can pay attention to yourself and take care of yourself.

It’s where you can relieve stress, and breathe. For me, my home is the Football field. With my cheerleading team. I cheer on the team, do stunts, and enjoy the moment. When I’m thrown into a stunt, I feel like it’s where I’m meant to be. It’s where I feel comfortable. I think my brother’s home is with his friends rather than with family. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his family. He just feels more at home with his friends.

My cat and I have a special bond. I love her, she loves me. We feel at home when we’re together. We feel each other’s emotions. When she’s sad, I can tell, but no one else can. I feel at home with many people. But my cat is the most important of all.