Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where the lost becomes found,
It’s the place where people come together. It is
Your kingdom of calm, your happy place. It’s the
One thing that makes you feel better. But there could
Be more than one, couldn’t there? There could be
Two homes, or three of them, or five thousand, or
Seven hundred and ninety-nine, all of them different.
Home isn’t exactly always a place, but it can be,
And it can be a castle or just a cabin. It could even
Be a clearing in the woods where you can watch
Rabbits eat and deer mate with their doe.
But no matter what, it’s almost always your
Heart’s greatest pleasure.

There can be so many things that are
Home to you.
It can be the swimming pool,
Traveling, just magnificent things,
Items… They might have your friends
Or your family, even pets!
For example, a home can be school, with
your best friends and teacher. It could also
Be just anywhere, with a specific person who
Will always be by your side.

There’s a chance that you might
Think you don’t need a home.
But everyone needs someone or
Something to turn to when they
Need help. It’s possible you might
Not want a home that much.
But, believe me, from past
Experiences, I know you’ll want one
sooner or later. I hope you’ll find
The perfect home. The perfect one for
You to dream about in the middle of the
Night, or chat about with all your friends.
Sometimes, when you feel like you don’t
Have a home, you can always try to find one.
Find your friends, they can help you find
The place it all works out.
But you never know, you might have a home already.