Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The meaning of home

I have what others don’t- a home! I have a room designed just for me! I have a loft bed that my dad made for me! You may have a box and a blanket for the whole family! I go to school and others cannot! They say you learn on the streets! How to pick pocket, steel, yes those things, yes you learn but to read and write are not taught.

When I get sick I get medicine. It’s icky it’s sticky, the bubble gum is wild. My dad always says, “When I was a child we got brown medicine that would make you throw up it was that bad!” If you got sick you would lay there sick and sad and that oh that makes me mad! If I got COVID-19 I would get treated right away! You can’t even go to the doctor cannot pay! If you have an alley you can’t stay away! You have no food for the cold, the rain, no AC for the heat! You have to steal to get something to eat! I have a home, I have a school, I have AC to stay cool! I have a heater, sheets, a pillow.