Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

A home is where you can go and where you feel safe and joyful. A home is where there are brothers and sisters to protect you. You can find comfort and love and things are your choice. You feel happy and cared for. There are pets and things you care about those feelings but feelings in my home are nice.
Feelings- In my home I feel comfort and joy. My family gives me food and toys to play with. I have a bed and other things that other people wish they had in their lives.
Siblings and pets- My siblings and pets bring me joy and love. I am very lucky and gratefu for the things I have been given.
Choice- In my home may things I have a choice to do but the things I have to do , I do it for the things I am blessed with.
Conclusion- Home is joyful and full of love, food and things. I am grateful to have all these things in my life which is why everyone deserves a home.