Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home…
Well that is easy! Home is a place where you are happy . You see a HOME is very different from a HOUSE. A house is a building. A building with stuff in it. A home could be a rock or a mansion. It does not matter. Home is where your hear is. There are many, too many people without a home. Home could be where someone took there last breath. Home could be where you made mamories or where you will make new ones. Everyone needs a home. Not everyone has one. Some people lost their homes and some people just cant afford one. Some people did not just loose a home but they may of also lost someone special to them or something special. A house can be torn down a milion times but a home is unique in every way shape or form. Home is different for everyone. For some, home is safe and caring and for some it might be confusing but still loving and sweet. A home is not just a building. its not even always a building. You cant choose a home. Home chooses you. Home is not always the same. Sometimes it changes.