Grade 6

New Brunswick

The meaning of home

Charities and foundations making a change by giving hope to people these days.
Different people, a different race where they Won’t be judged and will feel safe.
A house just a building, roof and walls where it’s a place to feel comfortable for all.
A light that glows from our family tree that connects our love for each and everyone.
My home is not lonely my home, it’s homey.
My home is where we eat dinner at the table every night and where we talk about our day.
My home is special just for me not like anyone else’s, it’s just so homey.
With that special scent that we all know.
Home is a place for all ages, somewhere where you should feel lucky and be loved.
Rich or poor, big or small, home is home and what you feel comfortable in but you should always feel loved in a home.