Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

There is no place like home!!!
I am going to explain the meaning of home to you today. The meaning of hmoe is a place where I feel loved and afe. I am very happy that I have a home because some people do not. That makes me sad. When I am all cuddled up in a blanket, I think about the people out there freexing and starving. I would loveto build them a home because everyone deserves a home.
At my home I feel comfort and warth and free to be me! It is my home! When I go to a friends house, its not my home. I do not have that same feeling of what it is like to be at my house.
A house is just a building but a home is yours and thats where you want to be. It does not matter what your house looks like. All that matters is that is feels like home.
There’s no place like home because I have the best family and home. I love it there. If I could pick anywhere to go, it would be home!