Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

One day in a small town there was a little and a boy and their names were Lydi and Jake. Yes you could say that they had a house or could could say they were homeless. To tem that was their home. Yes it night be a old run down barn. Where they live does not define them or who they are.

Then we have another boy and girl. Isabelle and Landon. Yes, they have a huge house in the city with food, warth and comfort. Jake and Lydia did not. They had to steal from stores to be able to eat. They didnt have comfortable beds , warth or friends.

Isabelle and Landon were so popular. They had everything and of course everyone felt bad for Lydia and Jake but nobody cared enough to help them.

One day, Isabelle and Landons parents buisness was shut down so they were not getting any money anymore. They also had got kicked out of their house because they couldnt pay their bills. The good side of the storry is that Lydia were getting a house! They were getting a house from habitate for humanity!

Habitate for humanity is a company that comes together and does this writting competition and winners get to donate money to a family who will be receiving a home!

Obviously they were super happy but they didnt know what it was going to be like beucase they had already had a home. They were hapier though so thats all that matters.
We can’t forget about Isabelle and Landon… They were living on the streets just like Lydia and jake did. Lydia and Jake got adopted and started attending school where they were doing the habitate for humanity project. After a few weeks, the results were in out and the winner for this year was Lydia! She may have had a tear or two in her eyes. That right there was almost the best day of her life. She picked a family that had a daughter and son named…. Isabelle and Landon. So now you know that there is no real difference between people and you may look at a house and think it is just a house but to others it is a home.