Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can be you. It is a place that you can live and thrive in. A place that is filled with love and music. When you need to be comforted, someone is there. It is the simple actions in a home that makes a home. A warm hug on the day you need it most, makes a home. Someone who you can talk to the day you are all alone, makes a home. A house can be lived in, but no memories can be made in it. A house is the roof over your head to keep you from the rain. A home keeps you from the rain and comforts you from the thunder. In a home, with the rain pelting down at the windows, you can feel at peace, with your family and friends. In a house, you feel scared and alone when the lightning cracks open the sky. The home I live in has a bird who is tweeting all day long. His beautiful chirping could cheer anyone up on a bad day. Some people have cats or dogs to lift their spirits. People make memories with their pets, some of which are made in homes. In a house, there is no joyful chirping, or cats purring, or dogs begging for the treat in your hand. In a house, it feels like you are the only one in kitchen cooking dinner, or the only one snacking on potato chips while watching your favorite show. Everyone deserves to make good memories surrounded by the people they love. No one deserves to walk in the door after a “25 hour” long day with no one to listen to how Barbra lost my lucky pencil, or how Brent ate the last cookie. Everyone deserves a home.