Grade 5

Harvey Station
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

Today, oh yes today, I will tell you ehat home means to me. First, my family is very nice to me, my brothers name is Weston. I love playing ROBLOX with him. I love my family. Second, my pets are very cute. My dogs name is poopy, and she is a ra terrier chihuahua and she loves to play. My cats name is Lily, and she likes to hide away. They are funny and always excited to see me. Third, I have warmth and shelter and food. Food is needed for survival. Warth on cold winter days and nights, shelter protects you from the elements, which is helpful. I have so many things that most take for grandted, I think we all need a reminder, that not everyone has the things that we have.We should learn that everything is not always how it seems.