Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

Home is more than a word,
It’s a place where I feel most
Emotions, memories and deeds too.
It all means the most to me and you.
Some people assume that a home is just 4 walls,
A roof, a door and a few windows too.
But really it’s more than all of that.
It’s where I’m used to being, it’s always been that way.
My house is blue like a whooshing sea,
With a rising sun at the very top.
All homes are unique.
I treat my home like I treat myself.
To me, a home’s meaning is not just shelter,
It’s where my wonders become reality,
It’s where I feel the most inside,
It’s where I take risks and make mistakes.
But it’s all normal for me to make mistakes,
Because a home connects us from the very start.
My house is treated like a pet or a child.
If a stair is ripped it’s patched up like a bandage until it’s rebuilt.
When I wake up in the morning I see the windows reflection.
A reflection that shows me my home’s real meaning,
To find out a home’s real meaning all you need to do is look…