Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is where memories are made,
Home is where no monsters can stay,
Home is a place where we can all play,
We can laugh all day
Until the sun’s gone down, then we’ll
Go, back to our rooms,
Where hopes and dreams,
Start to come true.

We snuggle in our beds
Cozy and tired,
Waiting for our parents
To say goodnight
then we close our eyes
And go to sleep,

We’ll wait till morning
Then jump up and down,
We’ll munch up our breakfast,
And laugh all day long,
At the end of the day,
We’ll remember one thing,
We’re lucky to have a cozy nice house,
Shelter to protect us,
From the extreme awful weather
We’ll remember that some
people don’t live,
in a place that they call home.
All the people
Who lost their home
They lost a place where they could make
wonderful memories
A place where they can stay
We can help
All together
For everyone to
Have a place that they call