Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

What does home mean to me? For me home means a place that’s warm loving and safe your home can be anywhere just has to have to be that. And thinking some people don’t have a home is heartbreaking. Africa, one of the most poor places in the world, is one of the happiest places in the world and then think about how happy they would be with a home. And I want to do that. I watch these videos of people that live on the streets getting houses and it makes me so happy. I was born in America and love Canada and hearing Jimmy Carter helped with this I got even more motivated. Whenever I walk by a homeless person I want to give them a house money food but I don’t have enough money to supply that. There’s this song called home and the lyrics are Home the place where I can go to take this off my shoulders someone take me home. And that hits me hard. And when I hear that song I think how lucky I am to have a home. And when I complain I can’t go to sleep with blankets over me I think people right now on the streets only have a jacket. With what Habitat for Humanity, Sagen, Swiffer and Revera Inc. You guys are some of the best people in the world, all of you that work at those companies. Home is what made me, me. Home is a place I can forget about COVID -19 about school. Home is where I can be me. I would love to help as much as I can with this project and to know this writing piece will donate $10 makes me so happy that’s what home means to me.