Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

What does home mean to me? When you say home, many people think of a house. This is not the same for everyone. Home is not always the physical things like walls or doors it’s what’s in the heart. Many people describe home with the saying “home is where the heart is” but why say these sayings when they might not always apply to you? I personally don’t describe home with a saying because I’m not saying the specific words home means to me instead I am saying what home means to someone else. When I describe home I use my words or I won’t be saying what home really means to me. Home is even things like cars for many people. When you are with family, friends and loved ones things like a car can be called a home. Home is where you cherish memories that stick with you for a lifetime. Everyone should have a home. It’s something we all deserve. There are not many words to truly describe “home” but I think the closest one would be love and family. The gift of a home is something that can’t replace. I don’t know what would happen to me if I didn’t have a home. That’s why we all deserve one and everyone who does not have one is very strong. All the things that I have pointed out are just the beginning of what home means. If you have the things that I have mentioned you can call that car your home. You just need love which basically sums up the definition of home. All of these things are what home means to me. What does home mean to you?