Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

By: Alexa Hamou, Room 21

A house is a lovely structure
With windows, walls and a door
A home is a lot more abstract
A place of belonging…and more!

My personal vision of “home”
Is my own and can never be wrong
It’s my “bubble”, my happy place
Which is mine, and where I belong.

My home can be in many locations
It is wherever I feel safe and secure
With very good feelings and happiness
It’s my special place – for sure!

My family home is warmth, caring and love
My safeplace, my personal zone
Whether family members are present or not
It’s the place I am never alone.

My home is also at school
Where I find comfort in learning and knowledge
Surrounded by dedicated teachers
Who will bring me closer to college.

My “sleepaway camp” home is special
It is where I feel happy and free
As I explore my independence
And learn from all that I see.

The places I’ve felt most at home
Were not difficult to describe
They continue to give a sense of belonging
With a positive and comforting vibe!