Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

H is for Home

Home is home.
Hard to describe. Heavy to think about. Hugely important to find.
Home is a place we all need.
Babies are brought home. Children grow up here. Teens and adults experience heartache.
We live our best lives. We try.
We are all wrapped up in this place. A heavy blanket. Supposed to be warm. Supposed to heal.
We should be so lucky…
We sometimes unravel at the seams. We lose ourselves. We get torn apart but brought back together.
Home is a fabric that holds us together.
We need warmth and safety.
We hold on to the pieces that are our family and identity.
Laying it out for each other to see,
Home is where we are
What we are, each of us, to one another
Hold on to the feeling of home.

I have the special privilege of re-creating “HOME” to dozens of children each day. Children who come from all over the world, neighbourhoods far and wide, right next door. We are the same. We are so different. Our needs are the same. A blanketed feeling of protection. Walls and roofs can do that. Protect us. It’s what’s inside that protects our hearts and minds. Love and care, that’s the feeling of home. It means we are loved, we are cared for. Schools and classrooms do that – love and care and protect children. In writing about the meaning of ‘Home,’ my students and I discussed and shared pieces of ourselves, family and identity revealing how we all want and need the same core values. It’s important to look inward and reflect on important pieces so we can look outward and help others create what we all need… A safe place to live. A place to feel protected. A place to call home.