Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

What makes home, home is made up of family, memories, and comfort.
Where houses are just buildings with no colour.
Houses are dark, empty, places.

Family is a keen thing to have home, feel like home.
A reason why family is important, it brings love, feeling, and memories.
Your family members that live with you as a kid, might be different as an adult.
Your family is always gonna protect you, or should. they make home feel more like home.
Family makes life at home fun; they can be funny, sad, mad, ETC, but they are your family.

Your home is a place that generates memories that people remember.
When memories sparks, any emotion can be an outcome.
Where most memories come from is home with people you love.
Things in your home can spark memories like pictures or items.
Memories can be good or bad; no matter what you need memories to call it home; if you just moved there then make some memories.

You know when you’re in a fuzzy blanket and it’s so comfy? Your home should have similar meanings.
Even though comfort is different to people you should feel comfortable in your home.
When you feel comfort in your house you know that it has meaning of home to you.
How home is connected with comfort is simple, you feel safe, with safety comes comfort.
Comfort is something everyone should feel; without comfort your home is not complete.

This is what home means to me. Any time I move I try to make it feel like home quickly. Even though you should just wait for it to happen on it’s own.