Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Home is important to us, especially those living on the streets. Those people are starving and freezing. With nowhere to go, they could die. We need to save these starving families. But how?

We need to build homes for them, Not just a bare house, but a home. Why? Because a home is like your happy place. An empty house has nothing. But how do you make the perfect home?

To turn an empty house into a home you’ll need a loving family, memories, furniture, decorations, and maybe even some pets. Your home needs to be safe to feel comfortable in. You’ll need amazing memories and cool items. That Is what you need to make a perfect home.

What is my home like? My family and I have lots of decorations and pictures. We have two cats and a dog. Our home is safe and comfortable. That is why I love my home and my family.

Now you know what the meaning of home is. A house is not a home. Remember, your home is your

Happy Place.