Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

What is home? Home is a place where families are together. They may laugh, cry, smile, talk, and be themselves. All families fight but always make up. All families will go through something that will affect them, but families will always get through it together, in their home where they are safe. Where they don’t have to be scared or worried, and if they are their family will be there for them. Other people’s homes are never the same as your own but for them their home is perfect. Even if they fight and argue, even if it is not as fancy as other people’s homes, it is their home and they will always love it! Sometimes people have two homes, but they love them just the same. The thing about your home is that to other people it’s just a house, but to you it is so much more, it’s where you grew up, played, slept, woke up, got sick, but most importantly that’s where you made memories! You can’t just look at pictures to remember those memories, you have to remember them yourself. Remember where they took place, what happened, and who you were with. To think that other people don’t get to make memories in their own home and do not get a nice warm home to sleep in makes me feel sad and worried for them. It is so unfair that people don’t get to sit in their own home and have nice warm dinners that taste amazing! A home is so important to everyone, and everyone deserves one!

A house is not a home. Houses don’t have memories, homes do. Memories of birthdays, holidays, coming home from trips and feeling happy to be home, the stains or indents on the walls from playing around! Looking at pictures is fun but you remember stuff in your home that you don’t need to look at pictures. You can remember the joy and laughter that you and your family have and always will have. That is what home is about! Memories happy and sad, and if you don’t remember something it wasn’t worth remembering. A house is not a home without MEMORIES! You can see someone’s house and say “their house looks older than ours,” but the thing is, it doesn’t matter how old or new a home is it the time and happiness that families spend in their home is what matters.

A house is empty inside but a home is full of family and friends, all laughing and enjoying time together. A house can have people living in it, but a home has family and close friends. A house can be liked but a home, no matter big or small has love, Love from family and people that are like family. Anybody can live by themselves or with a roommate, but they know that that is not their home. Their home is the place where they walk inside, smelling cooking. Where they are with family. Where they laugh and play games. So you may live alone or with a roommate but it will never be as wonderful as your own home.

A home is full of love. A home has all your personal belongings. All off your furniture, pictures, posters, T.V, your stuff in your room, and so much more! You and your family have memories with all of your stuff, whether it’s watching movies on your couch, or pictures of you on vacation! All memories are important, especially the ones in your home, because memories are a part of what makes a house a home. A home, is where all of your love and family stays. If you go to school you don’t love everybody, but at home that’s where all the love stays. A house is not a home without love!

That is what home means to me. It means that no matter what you are always welcome! Where you can smell the food throughout the home, where you can remember games or trips, where you can look at pictures of vacations you have taken. A house can only become a home with a family. That is what home means to me.