Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Meaning of home
When you think of home, do you think of a specific location? Or maybe a certain place? And is that place filled with certain people? Well, that is a way I see a home.There are a few ways and i’m going to talk about some today, and the meaning of them too.
Home could be analyzed as a physical location and only that, is the argument some people gather, but I say, that seems more of a house, not really a home (although if you want to consider it that go ahead) . A house is only a physical location that could be temporary, not permanent, because of things like rent and needs that cause you to save money for other things. Home to me seems like a place that would at least stay with you in your memories.

A home should be safe, comfortable and have people you know and love. Home is a place that you can let friends and family stay if they are in need or want to visit or hang out. Home is a place for shelter and love, it’s a place that can protect you and as i’ve mentioned many, many times, a place for safety. The sad truth is that not everyone has this.
Not everyone has a home to stay at, whether it be having to spare money, not living in a safe area or any other reason, some people don’t have a good home to stay.
I am extremely lucky to have a home to stay, and amazingly nice, kind and hardworking parents to provide me with things I need in life, and I think everyone deserves that too.
My mom and I lived with my grandparents until I was 3 because my Mom had a minimum wage job that didn’t pay much, and at that time she called my grandparents’ place home because it was the place we went to gain shelter, and my grandparents grew closer to my Mom and I. No matter the situation that you may be staying at a different home than usual, we are all equal.
In conclusion; home is a safe, secure place to stay with the people you love. It’s something we all deserve so i’m hoping that even if this doesn’t win anything, someone will gain a home.