Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home,
Isn’t always a dome.
It is only a dome,
If you call it a home.
If you are ever alone at your home,
Just remember your home is not alone.
But your home is only alone,
If you are not home.

To me my home is where I can have some fears,
It is also where I can shed a couple tears.
My home is as comfortable as a marshmallow,
My home gives me feelings that I can always show.
It is very fun to hang out with my sister and brother,
I also love praying with my mother and father.
Home is where I can drink some water and eat some food,
It is also where I can learn to be careful of my mood.

I love my home and I want people to see,
That it’s my home and it’s perfect for ME!