Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home:
To me the meaning of home can be more than just where you live or who you live with. Some people don’t have a place to call home or some people may have a house but not a home and some lucky people do have a home.
To me having a house means that you have a roof over your head, not feeling safe, loved, comfortable, respected, and cared for, or not being able to have or get a home of their own. Having a home means to have a safe place to live, having food in your stomachs, a roof over your head, someone to talk to, always feeling loved, cared for, safe, comfortable, relaxed, and respected. That is what I think of when I hear the word home.
The meaning of home can also be who you live with even if those people are not related to you in any way. I was raised by my grandma till i was 8 because my parents were not ready to be parents yet, that doesn’t mean that my grandma loves me any more or that my parents love me any less the only thing that matters is that i had someone who loves me and that i had a safe place to call home.
Even just some of our closest friends we call family and they live with us on and off.
But the meaning of home really can be anything depending on the person and their opinion.
This report really is just in my opinion,but this is what i think the meaning of home really means. I know that habitat for humanity is working towards giving people a place to call home. That is why if i were to win anything the best reward wouldn’t be the pizza party or the tablet but knowing that i helped somebody have a home. If i don’t win anything i know that i would still be helping some with their home even if it is just ten dollars.