Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home
The meaning of home is that it is safe and it has loved ones and it is a supportive place to be when things are tuff,home is just a nice to be at all times and is a comfortable place.

Bad thing is that some people don’t have a home and place to stay but maybe if one of your family members don’t have a home maybe you can invite them in to stay and them to have a safe place to stay well for a bit.

Sometimes home can’t be a home but people call other places home like a cove or a pit/hole and a tipi and like animals where they have homes underground,a tree,and maybe another planet with other kinds of homes and houses.But most of the time people call a house a home to stay at.

Home is like a very or not but sometimes a lot,comfortable and it can be a fun place to be like there are toys,video games,and maybe if you have a dog at home you can have fun with it and if you have brothers or sisters you can have fun with them all day long but if you don’t have brothers or sisters you can still have fun at your home.

Home is pretty much everything but like what i said some people don;t have a roof over there head and even if you don’t have a home you can still be in a other house like a family members home or a friends house.

Over all home is a nice,comfortable place to be and even if you have another home with someone else but that is your home and if you have a home that is your home to,and you can start by donating to habitat for humanity and it is a program where they make homes for people who don’t have homes to live in so a home is not just a house is a important place to have.