Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

The meaning home to me is, home makes you feel very cozy, warm, and peacful because having a home gives you a lot of things for example food, water, lots and lots of things, most importantly a roof over your head.

Home also makes you very cozy because you have blankets that you can put over you then you start to get very cozy under the blanket and it’s also cozy like a big blanket wrapping you up.

Having a home also makes you really warm because in most houses there is air conditioning which with air conditioning you can make your house warm or cold i prefer warm but not to warm because you’ll start to get hot and it’s also warm like a hot summer day at the beach.

Home is also peaful beacause during the night it’s really really quiet and peacful no one is loud, no sounds it’s great and it’s also like your inner peace has been released out of your body to make you very peacful. And I want everyone to have a home and I hope everyone will get one.