Grade 6

salmon arrm
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home: Travis Ewing Jan 21st

Home is where I feel the most loved

I play with tech decks Hot Wheels and have lots of fun

when my friends come over, we play and run

during winter I put on my winter gloves

to the outdoors here I come to school that’s no fun

when I get home, I’m excited to see my mum

because then I know dinner will soon be done

I go outside to try some tricks

I do some pop shuvits fail a few kick flips

I go inside to watch YouTube for some tips

I smell dinner mum Must be making chicken Curry

I go upstairs to the dinner table in a hurry

mum says for dessert we might get a mcflurry

when I’m in bed I want to cry

thinking of people with no homes that could very well die

they have no heating a roof to keep them dry

at least 78 homeless people die each winter

which may only seem like a splinter

but that’s a lot of people to die in one winter.

Conclusion: I love home it’s great but I feel horrible for people that don’t have a home whoever wins I hope that they save at least one person from becoming homeless I wouldn’t change anything about my home it’s where I spent all my memories in life.