Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home. A home isn’t a house, it isn’t just a place you live in. A home is where families and friends bond and have unforgettable memories together. Home is where I feel safe, happy, loved and cared for. Everyone should have a place they call home.

Firstly, home is a place where I feel safe. At home, I am always surrounded by my family and friends who I know I can trust. At home I am at peace, I don’t need to be stressed or worried. I can be calm and think clearly. I know that I am safe and protected in my wonderful home.

Secondly, home is where I like to have fun and be happy. At home I enjoy my time playing with my friends and family, we have fun laughing, playing and having a great time. I am so grateful that I have a place I can call home, but sadly some of us don’t. Everybody deserves a place we call home, it’s a right, not a privilege.

Lastly, home is where I feel loved and cared for. If I am having a rough day my parents will always come to talk to me and embrace me in a hug. I am loved by my friends and family. If any of us are feeling down we will always go and comfort each other.