Grade 5

Red Deer

The meaning of home

Why do we call a house a home and not a house? We call a house a home because it is where most people spend lots of time together with loved ones. It’s where you wake up and go to sleep, it’s where you also eat and love your family. This essay will be all about homes and I am very excited to explain to you why it’s not just a house but it’s a home.

Some of the most glorious reasons why a house is a home to most people instead of just being a house is because a home involves love, it involves being felt like you’re welcomed. It’s also about sharing and caring between one another, day in and day out. Although the outside of a house/home looks the same they have doors, windows, chimneys, and tiles. It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that makes it more of a home than a house. The difference however between a house and a home is that the family inside is welcoming, Caring, sharing, and kind. A home also involves a dad, a mom, maybe some siblings, and even pets. It involves trust, respect and love. The structure of a house is not what makes a home but again it’s what happens on the inside. This is why we call a house a home.

I think it is a good choice that many call their house a home. It’s where you feel as much love as possible and you even feel safe in your home. Homes are beautiful on the outside but I believe the inside is exactly what makes a house a home. I for one will never call my home a house and I can assure that. It’s all about family mainly that makes a home again not the structure. This is why most people call a house a home and not a house.